Wednesday, May 19, 2010

When You Are Not Totally Alive Yet

Mmmm...ble kte brada dlm keadaan yg kte sndiri xleh nk kawal diri kte sndiri scara total,it'll be disaster...

These r th examples..This morning my aunt wake me up n ask me to help her fried some nuggets n sausages for her sons' breakfast..It ws not th prob to gt up at around 6.30 a.m if u gt enough sleep th nite bfore, rite? Bt then, i slept at 3.30 a.m ++ last nite(err...ths ws nt a nite anymore), by th time i wnt to fried th nuggets, i wasn't totally wake up yet..U gt dizzy, walking in a zig zag n for sure,cn't think properly..I even cn't find th thing tht was in front of my eyes...urghh...I kept on looking for th termos for almost 5 min although it was right before my eyes..

Then, another one happened last nite..At tht time, I hd a mere headache n I hd to serve rice for my younger cousin (my aunt's sons-I'm their bbysitter for ths time being). So, aku bru je nk amik snduk nasi from bekas ltak utensils tu, then th knife fell down to the floor...The stupid thing was, I WAS TRYING TO CATCH TH KNIFE!..urghhh...I ws a culinary student, so I should know tht I can't catch the damn knife..Never! So, as the consequences, I gt a minor cut on my right hand finger..Thank God...At tht time, I already imagined tht I'd be in a pool of my own blood..Again, thank God I wasn't..

Ok, now I already gt dizzy cz I dn't hv enough sleep...So, I'll stop here, having a nap (err...should I cnsider it as nap@sleep?mmm..) n after tht, finish my daily chores..Daaa!!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


salam.. ni sgt2 tdak mnyelesakan cz aku kne tahan gatal hidung ni n asyk selsema je...hopefully i'll be fine ble nk konvo nnt..
Bila tgk kwn2 yg dh sbuk sgt2 cari baju for cnvo sblm cuti smester bru ni, aku pn mcm dh cuak cz aku xde cari pe2 pn lg...Klu ikut prancangan awal, nk je aku reuse n recycle smula baju dinner 1st sem aku...Sentimental value kononnye...knon2 nk start n end the diploma with th same dress..(tp sbnarnye aku guna tu sbg alasan je...sbab sbnr, aku x set aside duit for convo's dress)tp.... cm xbest je...
Then, my mksu come with another idea..Aku jz kne cri blouse or kbaya bru je utk padankn dgn my kain batik tu...Ok gak..Xde la aku buang duit byk sgt kn?
Anyway, aku harap sgt smua kwn aku yg grade kali no dpt hadir smuanya...Dh lama sgt xjumpa.. Diorg g clearance kt Dungun pn aku xjoin..(again, ia dsebabkn hal duit..huhuhu)..
Smpai cni je kot... Xsabar nk convo!!


An empty heart, an empty soul..
Without a feel, with lots of holes..
It's bleed & stiff, it's hard & cold..
The heart is mine, The one I hold..