Wednesday, May 19, 2010

When You Are Not Totally Alive Yet

Mmmm...ble kte brada dlm keadaan yg kte sndiri xleh nk kawal diri kte sndiri scara total,it'll be disaster...

These r th examples..This morning my aunt wake me up n ask me to help her fried some nuggets n sausages for her sons' breakfast..It ws not th prob to gt up at around 6.30 a.m if u gt enough sleep th nite bfore, rite? Bt then, i slept at 3.30 a.m ++ last nite(err...ths ws nt a nite anymore), by th time i wnt to fried th nuggets, i wasn't totally wake up yet..U gt dizzy, walking in a zig zag n for sure,cn't think properly..I even cn't find th thing tht was in front of my eyes...urghh...I kept on looking for th termos for almost 5 min although it was right before my eyes..

Then, another one happened last nite..At tht time, I hd a mere headache n I hd to serve rice for my younger cousin (my aunt's sons-I'm their bbysitter for ths time being). So, aku bru je nk amik snduk nasi from bekas ltak utensils tu, then th knife fell down to the floor...The stupid thing was, I WAS TRYING TO CATCH TH KNIFE!..urghhh...I ws a culinary student, so I should know tht I can't catch the damn knife..Never! So, as the consequences, I gt a minor cut on my right hand finger..Thank God...At tht time, I already imagined tht I'd be in a pool of my own blood..Again, thank God I wasn't..

Ok, now I already gt dizzy cz I dn't hv enough sleep...So, I'll stop here, having a nap (err...should I cnsider it as nap@sleep?mmm..) n after tht, finish my daily chores..Daaa!!

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