Thursday, January 20, 2011


Tonight was a great night for me n my housemate as all of us (just 4 of us only actually) went to karaoke place at Bintang Supermarket Sek 7. It was great!! We went there with Ijat- Ecah n Dayah's classmate.

Before going straight to tht place, Ecah, Dayah n Taty went to Night Market while I just waited for them with Ijat. Then, the 2 of us went to tht place first so that we can book th room while waiting for them. Rather than waiting n doing nothing, Ijat already had sung 4 songs while waiting for the rest. Cool!! Hehehehe...he was really good especially on high notes. I really impressed since I'm a person who can't n really don't know who to shout. (A real shout I mean).

#This is the photo when Ijat really shoot his voice out to the highest note he can..Yaaaarrrggghh!!! Great!!

# Taty, Dayah n Ijat...

# Ecah ready to sing!! "Aaa!! Aaa!! (tuning technique)
# Sweet pose from Taty, the hungry Ijat (hehehe..) and these two girls who were waiting to shout!! Ekekeke~~~

# "Hawaii wakiki~~" [^__^]V !!

We sang 20songs (19 actually..hehehe) at that time. However there were only 19songs actually since there was a song that Ijat mistakenly chose it. It was a funny song. "Achi2 Buka Pintu".. Aiiiyaa..heehehehe.. After 20 songs, evryone run out of voice. It become a li bit husky due to our effort to reach the high notes (it was more to shout rather than reaching those notes- in my case la..). We sang "Since you've been gone", "Tak mungkin kerana sayang", "Karma" (by Cokelat) and several shout-style songs..hehehehe.. Several heart-broken songs also which were dedicated for me..Aaaiiihhh~~Thanks anyway friends~ [T____T]~~ --> [^___^]V !!

# We came to sing wasn't no good for nothing. 2songs of Maher Zain tau!! Barakallah n InsyaAllah

# Ijat: "You had the wrong notes la Ecah n Dayah. Both of you have to practice more with me after this!" - ekekeke~~[^___^]V

After that, we had a look at Ijat's collection of perfumes' miniature. Aaarrghhh...can't choose!!hehehe... Finally I chose "Love" by Nina Ricci. Love the scent!!Love the design too!! So cute!!

#"Love" by Nina Ricci. *Anybody interested can buy from Ijat. Good price too!! (promotion..hehehe ^__^V)

Okay, that's all that I wanna write for right now. Sleepy already. Wassalam to everybody!! See you next time!! [^____^]V .. Sleep!!!!!!

p/s: Public holiday!!Yay!!Love it!!hehehe..

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Everybody in my house tonight was very hungry and they keep on asking to each other what should they eat (although everyone has their own instant noodles stock) [~_~]~{O}... huhuhu.. Then, they came to a decision to call for a pizza delivery. It was Domino's..hehehehe...Yummmyyy...

However, it was quite funny when the operator asked a very detailed information regarding to our address and we even had to give which Jln Pualam. I just told him that where we live (Kondo Kristal) plus number of our house; and I thought it would be enough since that were the details we gave the last time when we ordered for a McD delivery. The part that I considered as funny was when he said that I had to tell him which Jln Pualam is, since their GPS system is not updated yet. Aiihhh~~.. Hey, you should update it!! Regardless of its not-updated GPS system, the delivery was really fast. It was not even half an hour. Love it!!

Mmmm...we ordered for a combo which consist 1large n regular pan of pizza, breadstik n a bottle of Coke. Enough for 5 of us. More than enough.huhuhu..

These were the pizzas. The left one was Classic Chicken and the right one was Beef Pepperoni. Love them!! Less than 30minutes, those pieces just diseappeared. Hahahaha...

Okay..this one on the left was the breadstik with its sauce. The sauce taste a lil bit weird but it's kinda like BBQ sauce..But its taste was just well-blended with the bread. And our all-time favourite - Coke of course. The refreshing drinks yet weaken your bones. (Hahahahaha..) [^m__m^]..

Mmmm...just 30minutes after the delivery, there was no more noise asking for more foods..Hahahaha...(the only one who would ask for more would be me! Hahaha..*especially after completing this blog post coz it cost me for about 1hour since I composed it while watching Showdown on 8tv).

Enough for now. I have to hang my wet clothes right now. mak will nag to me if she know that I hang the clothes during the night.Hehehe...sorry mak. Okay. Good night to all (morning literally..hehehe)..Annyonghi Jumushipsiyo!! Wassalam..

Monday, January 17, 2011



Last weekend i attended my housemate's engagement ceremony in Kampar. Although it was a tiring trip, it was paid off by the best hospitality served by her family. They were very good. We even felt that we were part of their family on that day. Thanks Syuhadah n family!!
However, I was very disappointed with myself since I didn't realise that the battery of my digital was totally out. Damn!! The night before I thought that the battery was still full as I hadn't use my digi cam for a quite sometimes. As a result, I had to take photo using my handphone's camera (which is only 2mp)... Aaaargghh... hate the quality. But then I was still grateful as I still could take some photo..(rather than nothing, rite?). Huhuhuhu...

These photos were some of the photos I took on that day. She was so beautiful on that day..Really. But somehow I felt a little bit sad since she has the same age with me and she already engaged. Me?? (Aaargghhh...really hate this fact.huhuhu). I even don't have a boyfriend. Huhuhu.."It's okay Armi..You still study and you still have a plenty of time to find one (am I have that time??) Hahahaha..Okay... Just chill..(try to comfort myself. (#___#)V. Another photo - my housemate whom I came with. Thanks to Dania Ibrahim n Izzati (Syuhadah's friends. I'm actually not very sure about her real name.Huhuhu) for letting us to go with them. I came with my housemate- Sharatul Aishah n Nurul Hidayah only since there was no space for another carpooler in tht car.Hehehehe..

The theme color of the 'hantaran' from Syuhadah's family was purple while her fiance was green. seems like I have to find another color for mine. The whole family members wore purple attire on that day.
Even the canopy also purple. Aaahh..really love that color..Hehehehe..

Okay, enough with color matter. Mmmm...what's next? Haa!! Another thing! Really love the food!Hahahaha..
Especially the 'dalca' and lamb kurma..hehehe...(It was expected since I'm a real meat-eater!).

However I forgot to take the photo of the food.Sorry..Huhuhuhu..

Mmmm...I think that's enough for now. Sorry for the arrangement of the photos. I hope that I can learn how to upload photo and put them nicely. Practice!! Assa!!
Okay la..enough.(I'm listening to Blackstreet's song - In A Rush. Really2 love this song!! - Err..what is the relevant?? ^__^V!!) See you next time!Wassalam..Annyonghi jumushipsiyo!!


I should do my assignment right now instead of writing on my blog..or maybe I should just sleep. I have been bothered by something (or I should say by someone..) for the past 4 days.
Whenever u wanna try to run from something, it keeps on coming. It become worse when it is not just one that follow u. I hate the fact that I can't avoid them but I have to face them all over again. It gave me so much pain. They are just like the blackest shadows that keep on following u wherever u go. I guess I have to live in the basement with no windows or any cracks that can allow the light to come through.

I should stop by now since I haven't done anything yet on my essay. Hmmm.. I should be awarded as the greatest and the best procrastinator ever.Aiiiihhh..Stop now..Salam...

Saturday, January 8, 2011



Just now i read a post from a Facebook page that i follow, the admins shared that there was a fan of a KPop group killed herself because she just love the group too much and her act was for protecting that particular group (due to a problem that group have with another KPop group).Hmmm... I don't think that her love worth that much. It just a not-so-clever act just want to show your love to somebody else. I don't want to say it stupid as it was too harsh (for me).
Just think about it again, what will you get if you done such act? You just give everyone around you (especially your family), a grief sad. It's not worth at all!! Before this, sincerely, I admitted that I also went the same situation like this. I love him (my ex-) very much so that I tried to hurt myself with metal ruler (quite dangerous though). But then, I relieved that I didn't lost my self-control when I think about my family..(there was no single scratch I done to myself). Thank God. For sure I would only cause my family shame on such act.

Just keep your love at the right level and don't love somebody/something too much and deep. Just love yourself and family first. Even if you hate yourself too much because of loving somebody, just keep in your mind that your family and friends are always to be right beside you, to support and love you back although that person does not love you anymore. Would he/she come back to you even if you had threatened him/her with something that only hurts yourself? That only make them feel scare to you and avoiding you even more (as they would think that you might hurt them in future). Plus, even if they want to be at your side back, the feeling would be totally different. That would be no more love and it just based on pity and worry...afraid that you would do the same act (hurting yourself, suicide) if they didn't accept you back.

Just love YOURSELF first.. Keep your life's priority right. Enjoy your life.. Wassalam..