Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Everybody in my house tonight was very hungry and they keep on asking to each other what should they eat (although everyone has their own instant noodles stock) [~_~]~{O}... huhuhu.. Then, they came to a decision to call for a pizza delivery. It was Domino's..hehehehe...Yummmyyy...

However, it was quite funny when the operator asked a very detailed information regarding to our address and we even had to give which Jln Pualam. I just told him that where we live (Kondo Kristal) plus number of our house; and I thought it would be enough since that were the details we gave the last time when we ordered for a McD delivery. The part that I considered as funny was when he said that I had to tell him which Jln Pualam is, since their GPS system is not updated yet. Aiihhh~~.. Hey, you should update it!! Regardless of its not-updated GPS system, the delivery was really fast. It was not even half an hour. Love it!!

Mmmm...we ordered for a combo which consist 1large n regular pan of pizza, breadstik n a bottle of Coke. Enough for 5 of us. More than enough.huhuhu..

These were the pizzas. The left one was Classic Chicken and the right one was Beef Pepperoni. Love them!! Less than 30minutes, those pieces just diseappeared. Hahahaha...

Okay..this one on the left was the breadstik with its sauce. The sauce taste a lil bit weird but it's kinda like BBQ sauce..But its taste was just well-blended with the bread. And our all-time favourite - Coke of course. The refreshing drinks yet weaken your bones. (Hahahahaha..) [^m__m^]..

Mmmm...just 30minutes after the delivery, there was no more noise asking for more foods..Hahahaha...(the only one who would ask for more would be me! Hahaha..*especially after completing this blog post coz it cost me for about 1hour since I composed it while watching Showdown on 8tv).

Enough for now. I have to hang my wet clothes right now. mak will nag to me if she know that I hang the clothes during the night.Hehehe...sorry mak. Okay. Good night to all (morning literally..hehehe)..Annyonghi Jumushipsiyo!! Wassalam..

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