Thursday, January 20, 2011


Tonight was a great night for me n my housemate as all of us (just 4 of us only actually) went to karaoke place at Bintang Supermarket Sek 7. It was great!! We went there with Ijat- Ecah n Dayah's classmate.

Before going straight to tht place, Ecah, Dayah n Taty went to Night Market while I just waited for them with Ijat. Then, the 2 of us went to tht place first so that we can book th room while waiting for them. Rather than waiting n doing nothing, Ijat already had sung 4 songs while waiting for the rest. Cool!! Hehehehe...he was really good especially on high notes. I really impressed since I'm a person who can't n really don't know who to shout. (A real shout I mean).

#This is the photo when Ijat really shoot his voice out to the highest note he can..Yaaaarrrggghh!!! Great!!

# Taty, Dayah n Ijat...

# Ecah ready to sing!! "Aaa!! Aaa!! (tuning technique)
# Sweet pose from Taty, the hungry Ijat (hehehe..) and these two girls who were waiting to shout!! Ekekeke~~~

# "Hawaii wakiki~~" [^__^]V !!

We sang 20songs (19 actually..hehehe) at that time. However there were only 19songs actually since there was a song that Ijat mistakenly chose it. It was a funny song. "Achi2 Buka Pintu".. Aiiiyaa..heehehehe.. After 20 songs, evryone run out of voice. It become a li bit husky due to our effort to reach the high notes (it was more to shout rather than reaching those notes- in my case la..). We sang "Since you've been gone", "Tak mungkin kerana sayang", "Karma" (by Cokelat) and several shout-style songs..hehehehe.. Several heart-broken songs also which were dedicated for me..Aaaiiihhh~~Thanks anyway friends~ [T____T]~~ --> [^___^]V !!

# We came to sing wasn't no good for nothing. 2songs of Maher Zain tau!! Barakallah n InsyaAllah

# Ijat: "You had the wrong notes la Ecah n Dayah. Both of you have to practice more with me after this!" - ekekeke~~[^___^]V

After that, we had a look at Ijat's collection of perfumes' miniature. Aaarrghhh...can't choose!!hehehe... Finally I chose "Love" by Nina Ricci. Love the scent!!Love the design too!! So cute!!

#"Love" by Nina Ricci. *Anybody interested can buy from Ijat. Good price too!! (promotion..hehehe ^__^V)

Okay, that's all that I wanna write for right now. Sleepy already. Wassalam to everybody!! See you next time!! [^____^]V .. Sleep!!!!!!

p/s: Public holiday!!Yay!!Love it!!hehehe..

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