Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Its been awhile tht I haven't written anything for my blog post. Although tomorrow I hv a Mandarin test, I still have done nothing. Hehehehe... Tomorrow's test will be the 1st test for ths semester and will be on Chinese characters and a couple of topics. It's quite hard for me since I find tht the Chinese characters are very difficult to differentiate. Plus, there's no a clear distinction for certain sounds. For instance, in romanize charaters, the transcription A=A, B=B..but in Chinese, the same pronunciation hs different characters or spelling. I do think tht Hangul (one of Korean transcriptions) is easier to learn although Korean language and structures are hard to learn (learn by myself, without attending any class). Uuurghh... I really hope tht I can be good in any foreign language other than English since I really love to learn language, bt there's none of them tht I fluent with. So far I have learned Francais, Mandarin n Korean (by myself), other than English, during my studies (Diploma n Degree)..Aaaiihh~~

Right now I'm addicted with Korean. Anything relates with Korea.. Hehehehe.. The dramas and its actors (for sure), th Kimchi Ramen and also the songs. Huhuhu.. I really hope tht I cn be good in Korean language so tht I cn watch the dramas n sing th songs without th help form th subtitles. Ah! Also hoping tht I cn read th characters better, since I alrdy hv remembered some of them.

Currently, I'm in mood of Sunkyungkwan Scandal (SKKS) drama. Aahh~~really love th story n also the actors. Micky Yoochun (JYJ/DBSK), Yoo Ah In, Soong Joong Ki, Park Min Young. Aaiihh~~ Thanks to my younger sis tht hd triggered my interest, with her addiction to Korean idol group- SS501..hehehe..(bt then, rite nw she alrdy slightly turn herself from tht group, to another group- Infinite. But the worst part is tht when she has the same profile picture for her FB account with me. It's Yoo Ah In- Which also known as Moon Jae Shin n Geol Oh in SKKS. It's nt th same picture actly, bt th same person. Huhuhu..

I really2 love his character in SKKS. He kind of playing a role of Korean Robin Hood in tht drama, who is named as Moon Jae Shin or Geol Oh. I really like him, especially th hiccups..So cute!! Besides him, there is Soong Joong Ki who plays th character of Gu Yong Ha - kind of playboy, n hs very bright n playful personality.

Okay, enough with SKKS drama. Besides these actors, I also like an idol group member of ZE: A. His name is Kim Dong-Jun. He is the maknae (the youngest member) of th group. (Love the songs too - All Day, Mazeltov n Man 2 Man too). And for sure, he's younger than me. He's 19 if I'm nt mistaken. Aaaiihh~~ It's really a crime to be old (the words of a granny in WGM variety show whom Ssangchoo Couple had paid a visit). Huhu.. Okay this is Dongjun.. He's so cute!!hehehe... [^___^]V

Cute isn't he? He hs a very girlish face despite of his well-built body.

I think it's enough for this time. Ah! I also really2 missed these little fellas!Hehehe..

This is Yasmin Syazwina, my sis's second child. Although she's a lil bit grumpy sometimes, she still very adorable. Aaahh...really missed to play trick on her. Hehehe..

Okay, this Mohd Zikry Aiman. Yasmin's brother. Aiihh~~really hard to pay them a visit since my sis stays in K.Kinabalu.Sobsobsob (missed th children more, instead of my own sis. Hehehe ^- __-^ )

Then, this is Muhammad Hafiz and Dwi Intan Nuraini, the children of my brother who stays in Pasir Gudang, Johor. The active Hafiz n th cheeky Intan.

Lastly, my cousins. They are my aunt's children. Najwa Asyilah n Naufal Akeem. Missed them so much. Actually I was their babysitter during my last semester break. Love th adorable Najwa so much!! Really love her especially when she nodded her head excessively (head bagging?? hehehe). *Maksu, sorry for th image at th back k! hehehe..(Purposely chose ths pict..muehehe)

Okay..enough..Hate to wait for th uploading of these pictures.. it took ages (excessive exaggeration..Hehehe)..*Listening to Love Ya mp3 by SS501. *wink*wink!! \\[^ 0 ^]//

Aarghhh~~already listened to more than 5 songs while waiting for uploading 3 pictures (from Alex Chu, SS501, BigBang, TaeYang, GDragon, Infinite n Son Dambi too). Ages!!!! Okay..done!! Yeah!!! See next time!!


  1. (bt then, rite nw she alrdy slightly turn herself from tht group, to another group- Infinite.- WRONG SENTENCE OK!
    i'm still Triple S 4ever n ever..

  2. Yong Ha @ Yeorim pon aku punye...

  3. seems tht u nt understand my words enough.. tht's y i said "slightly turn" ... its nt tht u alrdy totally turn urself frm being a tripleS k.. understand???