Wednesday, March 30, 2011


"Meeting new man just like cooking new rice grains..u never can predict the precise amount of water to, whether it become too dry or too sticky..just like man, u never can predict how much love u have to give so tht u can be sure whether he'll always be with u or not..the different?if u put less or too much water, u still cn eat th rice..not th man.."

I got th idea for this quote of mine when i got frustrated cooking too sticky rice..hate it..hehehe..then?..tadaa...this was th result...such a weird way to gain new idea rite? okay, new quote n poem in future..hopefully...

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Salam...It's been awhile tht i haven't post any entry in this blog..Urghhh...there is a time bt i rarely spent on composing new entry. Recently i rather used my time to download more Korean dramas. And at this moment i'm downloading a new drama titled "Midas". Then, the next project will be on "Paradise Ranch". Cominggg..

# The drama tht i'm downloading at ths moment.."Midas"

Okay enough with that bcause i'm sure tht not all ppl hv th same interest n obsess with me (Kpop n Korean drama, for sure..huhu), rite?

Mmm..this afternoon i had class at Menara (UiTM) n there ws "Hari Bertemu Pelanggan" (am i rite??) held by PTAR. So i hd a look at th event n as usual, thre'll be always singing competition(karaoke) being held. Hmmm...i guessed myb all ppl in UiTM are in love with singing n really into it. At the DC pun got singing competition tiap2 mlm..aiiihhh~~*sigh (pasal tu kot UiTM bcome one of the main source of Malaysian singers..hoho),..

Okay..then thre were lotsa booths whch took part in tht event. Mmm.. I nt remember wht organizations tht put their booths there but basically there were some badan2 kerajaan took part. then i dnt know hw i gt th notion to take some free books. I'm merely love to read bt..i dnt know..huhu..Maybe i getting out of my mind especially when you have a look on th title of those books. I think i might gt a strange look from my housemates n their palms on my forehead (to check my body temperature).. Because they know that i rarely read novels and textbooks (for sure!)..huhu..

# The books I took.. 3 of them plus some small pamphlets..

I rather put my eyes on my lappy all day long with FB, Twitter, reading Blogs n Tumblr (i'm still a novice)..or else, watching Korean dramas (agaknya if my lappy cn talk, he might say:)

"Aku dh boring sangat tengok muka hang hari2. Demam panas aku gni"

I even hv a book tht i hvn't finished read yet for almost 10 years!hehe..('s nt "almost"'s completely 10years)..uurgghh...feel bad to my Bapak since he was th one who bought tht novel as a present for my PMR result.

"Mintak maaf ya Pak..Anakmu ini bukan org yg bisa imagine pkara2 sgt fiktif ni. Anakmu ini hanya seorang anak yg punya jiwa yg sgt simple n tulus bak bening" *bluweeeeekkk~~ *faint

#These are some of th comics tht i prefer to spend my time with..

.....but actually tht was my bad since i ws th one who picked tht novel. hehehe..

Okay then, actually my main intention of taking those books is bcause in future, those books might be useful for me in writing n assgments, for instance. Its all bout Malaysia n it is nt a bad thing to know more bout ur own country, rite?

Okay then..i think i alrdy go off th tangent..Better stop now. I'll be back with new post(n better issue) later.. Wassalam...