Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Salam...It's been awhile tht i haven't post any entry in this blog..Urghhh...there is a time bt i rarely spent on composing new entry. Recently i rather used my time to download more Korean dramas. And at this moment i'm downloading a new drama titled "Midas". Then, the next project will be on "Paradise Ranch". Cominggg..

# The drama tht i'm downloading at ths moment.."Midas"

Okay enough with that bcause i'm sure tht not all ppl hv th same interest n obsess with me (Kpop n Korean drama, for sure..huhu), rite?

Mmm..this afternoon i had class at Menara (UiTM) n there ws "Hari Bertemu Pelanggan" (am i rite??) held by PTAR. So i hd a look at th event n as usual, thre'll be always singing competition(karaoke) being held. Hmmm...i guessed myb all ppl in UiTM are in love with singing n really into it. At the DC pun got singing competition tiap2 mlm..aiiihhh~~*sigh (pasal tu kot UiTM bcome one of the main source of Malaysian singers..hoho),..

Okay..then thre were lotsa booths whch took part in tht event. Mmm.. I nt remember wht organizations tht put their booths there but basically there were some badan2 kerajaan took part. then i dnt know hw i gt th notion to take some free books. I'm merely love to read bt..i dnt know..huhu..Maybe i getting out of my mind especially when you have a look on th title of those books. I think i might gt a strange look from my housemates n their palms on my forehead (to check my body temperature).. Because they know that i rarely read novels and textbooks (for sure!)..huhu..

# The books I took.. 3 of them plus some small pamphlets..

I rather put my eyes on my lappy all day long with FB, Twitter, reading Blogs n Tumblr (i'm still a novice)..or else, watching Korean dramas (agaknya if my lappy cn talk, he might say:)

"Aku dh boring sangat tengok muka hang hari2. Demam panas aku gni"

I even hv a book tht i hvn't finished read yet for almost 10 years!hehe..('s nt "almost"'s completely 10years)..uurgghh...feel bad to my Bapak since he was th one who bought tht novel as a present for my PMR result.

"Mintak maaf ya Pak..Anakmu ini bukan org yg bisa imagine pkara2 sgt fiktif ni. Anakmu ini hanya seorang anak yg punya jiwa yg sgt simple n tulus bak bening" *bluweeeeekkk~~ *faint

#These are some of th comics tht i prefer to spend my time with..

.....but actually tht was my bad since i ws th one who picked tht novel. hehehe..

Okay then, actually my main intention of taking those books is bcause in future, those books might be useful for me in writing n assgments, for instance. Its all bout Malaysia n it is nt a bad thing to know more bout ur own country, rite?

Okay then..i think i alrdy go off th tangent..Better stop now. I'll be back with new post(n better issue) later.. Wassalam...

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  1. apsal post aku ni xkuar kaler mcm yg aku buat???arrghh...monotone gilerr...