Monday, February 21, 2011

MyMood-RelatedWords - "I Can't Read You"

Yesterday (Sunday) really such a challenging day for me. I hd to deal with computer applications tht really drove me crazy, th service quality of a fast-food restaurant which ws super slow and I also hd to deal with my own clumsiness- I stepped on mud, on my way to class, after having that lunch. management of th restaurant should change his outlet to Pizza Hate... What a suck service. I didn't get my order after more than 20minutes, th ones tht ordered after, get theirs first, and th service personnel have such an annoying expression. At tht time, I was hoping tht forking out other's eyes could be permitted!!!. Huhh!! (My mood still nt at a good level although this situation happened at noon). Even food I ate just nw can't retrieved back my good mood.

Mmmm...and around midnight, my mood became worse due to something that I really don't know. It ws actually bout something that was, one hd wrote and somehow, i did feel guilty bout it but i really2 dnt know what i ws guilty at.. Hehehe..again, dealing with myself again.. Aiihh.. Then, due to this mood swing, I got my 'words' again. Mood struck! Hehehe.. Below, is my half poem (if cn be considered as poem. Huhu..) Titled as "I Can't Read You"

I'm a Man, not a saint..
I'm an interpreter, not a mind reader..
I'm working on words, not riddles..
I'm reading the lines, not your veins..
I'm uttering my love, not signing my anger..
I'm sorry I can't see my fault, 'cause my eyes too blind..
And I'm sorry I can't read your clear mind, 'cause I'm illiterate...

I learnt characters and figures, not shadows nor bubbles..
I took Maths and Languages, not sighs nor giggles..
I counted numbers, not heart broken pieces nor tear towels..
I'd been tested on board and papers, not on frown nor stare..
I wrote on screens and sheets, not on smoke nor air..
That's made me bad at evaluating of what I see..
While those made you sucks at your ABCs..

I think that's all for this time being. I'll add and make adjustment from time to time but I considers this one as the original version. Okay, nite.. Annyonghi Jumushipsoyo..Wassalam.


  1. Oh well Armi, I am just a humble teacher, not a professional commentator. The lines are generally getting longer and longer towards the end, making it more difficult for me to understand. Just my 10 cents.
    -Madam Yat-

  2. 10 cents???is it difficult? oh i thought mine is quite straight forward..huhu...btw thanks for giving me ur time to review this post...thanks madam!!!