Saturday, January 8, 2011



Just now i read a post from a Facebook page that i follow, the admins shared that there was a fan of a KPop group killed herself because she just love the group too much and her act was for protecting that particular group (due to a problem that group have with another KPop group).Hmmm... I don't think that her love worth that much. It just a not-so-clever act just want to show your love to somebody else. I don't want to say it stupid as it was too harsh (for me).
Just think about it again, what will you get if you done such act? You just give everyone around you (especially your family), a grief sad. It's not worth at all!! Before this, sincerely, I admitted that I also went the same situation like this. I love him (my ex-) very much so that I tried to hurt myself with metal ruler (quite dangerous though). But then, I relieved that I didn't lost my self-control when I think about my family..(there was no single scratch I done to myself). Thank God. For sure I would only cause my family shame on such act.

Just keep your love at the right level and don't love somebody/something too much and deep. Just love yourself and family first. Even if you hate yourself too much because of loving somebody, just keep in your mind that your family and friends are always to be right beside you, to support and love you back although that person does not love you anymore. Would he/she come back to you even if you had threatened him/her with something that only hurts yourself? That only make them feel scare to you and avoiding you even more (as they would think that you might hurt them in future). Plus, even if they want to be at your side back, the feeling would be totally different. That would be no more love and it just based on pity and worry...afraid that you would do the same act (hurting yourself, suicide) if they didn't accept you back.

Just love YOURSELF first.. Keep your life's priority right. Enjoy your life.. Wassalam..

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