Thursday, August 12, 2010


Yesterday was the first day of fasting for 2010...n the first one for me since I start my study in Shah Alam...Boring and dull. The ambience, the food, and much more...arghhh...i miss my mum's cook..aarrghhh...
Aku xsuka bulan puasa kali ni...prasaan yg sgt2 lain... for this time i try to avoid to break my fast outside..i hate the scenery...really hate..i rather stare at my full-with-lauk-and-rice plate, than looking around to other full-with-food-and-plate-for-two-people tables...hate that so much..(huhuhu...emo trlebey).ok, enough with full-with-emo stuff..huhu..
Esok klas sgt pnuh...Dari pg, smpai kul'll be very hectic and tiring..after that, i'll go to Tesco with my housemate utk beli brg umah...aku lak nk g beli barang2 utk wt Biskut Batik...nk jual..hohoho..(sila2 la beli ek..rm2 per peket n 6pcs per peket)-promotion!
Okay, enough for this time being...Hopefully i'l not be so lazy n use fasting as my reasons..

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